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My Art News Letter #28

Improving your art business survey - only 1 week left

Only 1 week left for the artist survey closing Feb 14, and a sneak peak at some results!

Have you provided your thoughts to the artist marketing survey? There are only a few days left to have your say. Come to www.MyArtClub.Com/Survey by February 14th to have your voice counted! If you already have supplied your response, we thank you.

Results of surveys such as this must be considered as indicative, as they are not statistically proven. The sampling method is "opt-in" and artists are completely free to reply honestly (or not!).

Early results show that, of the artists willing to make a prediction, all artists have experienced and expect increases in sales in terms of units and prices. See the table below.

Artist Survey first results

This positive experience and outlook is especially more so, the more important the income is for the artist. A smaller number of artists ventured an opinion on the state of visual artists programs, however again a positive outlook was prevalent.

A great deal more can be learned from the responses, and we intend to make all these results free on our Art Marketing blog, at Art Marketer`s blog. We expect to have statistics on how artists have and will promote; how they have and want to allocate their time, and much more.

Please complete your survey right away, it only takes a few minutes. Encourage others you may think interested to do so too. The more responses we have, the more interesting the results!

Cam Anderson and Peter Newell,
Webmasters of MyArtClub.Com

 If you have ideas or questions please let us know at [email protected].

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MyArtClub.Com reminds you that there is only 1 week left to take our latest artist survey on improving your art business. Read the details of some of the early results on the article to the left. Take the survey at www.MyArtClub.Com/Survey.


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